RCC Social Event
Wheel Building at the Freewheel Cycle Café & Pub

Report by Mark Beattie

On Wed 4th November six of the team embarked on a journey in to the mysteries of how do they build a wheel?

Introductions complete the instructor talked in depth on hubs and how to measure,
the difference in front & rear hubs also the different types of spokes.
Then we went on how to get the correct spoke measurement for the rims that you are building,
he made reference to a helpful web site DT Swiss WHEEL PRO to help with calculations and a publication the art of wheel building.

We then in good blue peter style got down to the task at hand, it was well paced and very hands on the time passed.
In a blink of an eye we all finished each stage around the same time
and by the end of the evening had objects that could pass muster as bike wheels.