Omnium Race Formats

By Phil Appleby

  1. 200m Sprint TT
    • An individual event, where itís a straight up 200m sprint Time Trial. Youíll get a one lap run up, allowing you to slowly wind up your speed, with the idea of hitting the 200m to go line at full tilt. Then itís just power round the corner and down the finishing straight to record as fast a time as possible.

  2. Elimination (Devil) Race
    • 2 races, one for CAT A riders and one for CAT B riders, separate points for each. At the end every lap for CAT B (every other lap for CAT A) the rider that crosses the line last is eliminated. The race continues until there are just 2 riders remaining, where itíll be down to the final sprint for the line to determine first place.

  3. Australian Pursuits
    • This is an endurance event, at least itís a track enduranceÖ in that itís still a relatively short stretch of time.
    • Riders will be placed at equally spaced locations around the circuit. On the whistle, all riders set off riding. The aim is to catch and overtake the rider in front of you, or not get caught by the rider behind you. Once youíve been overtaken, you are out of the race.
    • The race is an Ďunknowní time. It could go long, it could go shortÖ itís the race commissaries decision, and will be made without the riders prior knowledge. Thatís what makes this race fun.
    • If there are 2+ riders left, and the gaps arenít changing much, a fair warning to the end of the race will be given. The winner will then be decided on gap size and/or distance travelled.

  4. Keirin Races (2xSemi Final, Minor Final & Major Final)
    • Weíll do this as a combined CAT A&B competition much like last year. Iíll use the Sprint TT times to form two seeded semi-final heats. Top half from each heat go into the major final race for 1st place. Back half of each heat go into the minor final for the minor placings.
    • The Keirin Race itself has riders follow round a Ďdernyí bike pacer for a couple of laps, slowly and steadily building up the speed. Then, with 1.5 laps to go, the derny will peel off the front, and itís down to the riders to race for the line.
    • The rules are simple, you may adjust your position in the group while following the derny, but you MUST NOT overlap or overtake the rear wheel of derny bike until it signals it has pull off.

  5. Points Race
    • Again, separate CAT A and CAT B races. 10 laps for CAT B, 12 laps for CAT A (subject to change on the day).
    • Every other lap the rider that crosses the line first gets 4 points, the rider that crosses 2nd gets 2 points, the third place rider gets 1 point.
    • If you manage to GAIN AN ENTIRE LAP on the rest of the group, thatís you gain 10 points, and are then considered to be on the same lap as the group for remaining sprints.
    • If you are lapped by the entire group, Iím afraid you lose 10 points.
    • The winner, obviously, is the rider with the most points at the end of the race.