RCC Hill Climb 2018 Stage 1
28th September 2018

Report by Phil Appleby

Many thanks to everyone that came along to the Hill Climb competition on Friday, below are the results.

Congratulations to John Crennell, who takes the win in the final competition of the year.
Mike Stafford also put in an amazing ride to take second place, just 3 seconds behind JC.
Steve Davies rounded out the podium in 3rd place with a time of 3:10.
Both Martin's managed to ride personal bests as well.

I'll now collect up all the results, and have a crack at working out who will win the shiny trophies at this year's Xmas Dinner....

Full Results
1st 3:04 John Crennell
2nd 3:07 Mike Stafford
3rd 3:10 Steve Davis
4th 3:14 Steve Penny
5th 3:16 Aaron Glover
6th 3:29 Phil Appleby
7th 3:50 Pete Belcher
8th 3:52 Martin Hunter
9th 4:05 Martin Bishop
10th - Cherry Stewart
The Riders
The Riders, photographer Martin H

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