RCC Hill Climb 2016 Stage 1
8th April 2016

Report by Phil Appleby

Big thanks to everyone that came along to the Stoney Lane Hill Climb Competition on Friday... it was out biggest field ever.
Congrats to Andy Devine who was fastest up the hill for the second successive competition.
Also to Pete Skinner who stole an impressive 2nd place from rival John Crennell.
Big welcomes to Martin Hunter and Jon Talyor who took part in their very first hill climb events.
Thanks go to Martin, our ever present time keeper, Jon who organised, and to both the little Wastalls for all the cheering and support!!!

Pete, Andy and John (The 2-1-3)
Full Results
1st 1:47 Andy Devine
2nd 1:49 Pete Skinner
3rd 1:50 John Crennell
4th 1:57 Dan Bishop
4th 1:57 Justin Cristiaans
6th 1:59 Dave Wastell
7th 2:05 John Newsome
8th 2:06 Steve Penny
9th 2:07 Phil Appleby
10th 2:26 Jon Lewis
11th 2:41 Steve Littlewood
12th 2:47 Mark Beattie
13th 3:05 Martin Hunter
14th 4:28 Matt Carden
15th 4:43 Jon Taylor

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