RCC Hill Climb Stage 2

13th September 2013

Report by Jon Sage

The results are in.....

From top to bottom
1st 1:30 Dan Evans
2nd 1:43 Phil Appleby
3rd 1:50 Daz Gosling
4th 1:51 Dan Bishop
4th 1:51 John Crennell
6th 1:57 Steve Penny
7th 2:12 Dave Wastell
8th 2:18 Martin Bishop
9th 2:25 Jon Earl
The 2-1-3

It means that Phil Appleby is crowned KOM for Stoney lane Hill Climb (Based on Joint Scores for both Runs.)
Dan Evans has been renamed Dan ‘Mountain goat - Miguel Induran’ Evans for his stunning time up the hill.
A stewards enquiry may be required, because I saw him take the banned substance WBWCCAP* when we went for a coffee earlier in the day.
*WBWCCAP – This is basically in its rawest form a White Baguette with cheese, cucumber and pickle.

We also won a new member in the guise of Jon Earl, so welcome aboard Jon, it’s nice to have you as a member.

The Competitors + The Organiser

The Club Champion competition points are going to have to be worked out soon.
I will get these verified by Steve Penny to confirm my calculations, however I will keep them a secret until our end of year do and Trophy presentation.

That’s about it for now.

Scrape it!

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