RCC 10mile Time Trial 2018 Stage 2

7th August 2018

Report by Phil Appleby

Thank you to everyone that came along to the time trial last night.
What was initially reasonable weather, quickly turned pretty rainy, and then back again.
But that's all part of the fun.

Congrats to Steve Penny who took the win with a very impressive time,
and also to Steve Davis who pipped Skinner to 2nd place on the podium.

Many thanks to those that marshalled for me... that was much appreciated.
Thanks once again to Jon Taylor, Pete Belcher, Paul Skinner and Lucy Appleby.
We're getting to the thin end on the marshal rota, so those that have ridden a TT in recent times but haven't yet marshalled should expect a call next year.
Full Results
Over 40s
Pos Time Rider Pos Points
1st 25:28 Steve Penny 1st 106
2nd 26:19 Steve Davis 2nd
3rd 26:28 Pete Skinner    
4th 27:45 Dave Morris 3rd
5th 27:52 Aaron Glover    
6th DNF Dave Wastell    
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